Dresses with a Purpose

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Our Dresses

Our truly unique dresses empower and inspire the rising generation. They each have a different meaning or two and it is a great constant reminder of who they are and that they can accomplish much.

MayBoo Clothing knows how much little girls loved to be dolled up especially when their 18″ doll is dolled up too. We have matching dresses that fit 18″ dolls and they include the international attributes too.

Modesty plays an important role at MayBoo Clothing. All of our dresses include covered shoulders, past-the-thigh lengths, and covering front and back. Most of our dresses are appropriate for an everyday outfit or formal activities too.

Iconic attributes from around the globe are mixed and matched to make unique and meaningful combinations. They include things from collars to bell sleeves,ruffles, and flowy skirts.