About Maylee And Her Company – MayBoo Clothing

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About Maylee

Hi everyone. I’m Maylee Robbins and here is a bit more about me. I am 13 years old and live in Tennessee. I love playing my violin, viola, and piano and have a couple other side instruments. My hobbies include knitting, cooking, and singing. I have 6 absolutely crazy younger brothers between ages 11 – 2 months and two amazing parents.

Our Dresses

Every dress created for MayBoo Clothing is full of meaning. It is meant to inspire and empower little girls and help them realize and reach their potential. These dresses aren’t just uniquely beautiful, they are modest everyday and/or formal dresses. We take traditional clothing from different corners of the world and match their iconic attributes to create a gorgeous design that little ones will love! Plus, these dresses are super comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

Right now, we are starting with doll dresses, but will expand to girl’s sizes soon. These dresses will match creating a look-a-like duo.

MayBoo Clothing’s Story

As a little girl and even as a baby, I was very opinionated about my clothing and the only thing that mattered to me clothing-wise was comfort. I would never wear pants and even then, the dresses and skirts I wore would have to be just right for me if I were going to wear them.

As this went on, my dad decided to reserve the name MayBooClothing in hopes that I would be able to start a little girl’s online clothing store and brand. My dad would always talk about his ideas for MayBoo Clothing to me as a little girl and I would shrug it off as another one of his crazy ideas, but after a few years, was convinced that he was serious about me running my own business.

As my parents and I brainstormed, we came up with something that could be a unique and defining factor in our clothing; that it would mean something special. I had also visited several different countries (including China where my name is from) and lived in Costa Rica and I just loved the different tastes and styles around the world. We decided to take a meaningful attribute from different countries and tie them together with others to create an empowering (and of course comfortable) dress for little girls to wear.

When we knew what we wanted, my mom and I gathered together info about different dresses that we liked and started sketching. We would try multiple different things until we got exactly what we wanted and when we got the first 5 dresses made, we shopped around for hours to get the right fabrics and patterns.

My mom stayed up for hours after hours to help me sew the first prototype doll-sizes dresses and then more time to make the girl-sized prototypes. We are now in the process manufacturing  our first three doll dresses. They will be available soon!

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