Girl’s Jean Belgium/Mexican Victoria Dress


The exquisite lace we put on our Victoria dress is the type of lace Belgium is known for. Belgium lace is known to be (as far as beautiful workmanship, uniqueness, and bulk) #1 and the country has been making it since the  15th century and Belgium people have shown undying interest in making it for the world to adore.

The Mexican embroidery actually came from India hundreds of years ago, but Mexico has embraced it and it is now an icon in the frilly traditional Mexican clothing as we know it today.

(As always,) this dress is easy to put on and made to fit an everyday outfit or formal dress. It’s comfortable and perfect for little girls and their dolls to wear.

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Belgium Lace

Belgium is known widely for their unique lace. It’s #1 as far as lace and chocolate and it’s no surprise either. You can still find people making it on the streets.

Mexican Embroidery

Mexico (along with frills, lace, and other adornments) has adopted embroidery (originally from India) as a big part of their clothing.

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18" Doll


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